Perspectives of hydrocarbons mineral resources base crude in the Russian Federation

The current stage of the world economy development has a significant impact on production and consumption of energy sources, which is characterized on the one hand by fluctuations in demand for energy sources, and on the other hand, even during the decline in production and consumption, need to specify the forecasts for their production and consumption to develop a strategy for managing the economy, trends and measures to stabilize it during crises and recessions is increasing. In this regard, need for more detailed analysis of the resource base of all types of energy sources, particularly hydrocarbons (over 25% of the all types of energy sources consumption), is growing.

Evaluation of the hydrocarbon resource base is based on geological oil and gas zonation of the territory, where promising zones of oil and gas accumulation are determined by results of geological exploration every 5-10 years. Last geological oil and gas zonation of Russia was completed in 2010. The geological oil and gas zonation always precedes quantitative evaluation. From 1958, VNIGNI was an initiator and methodical leader of all quantitative evaluations of hydrocarbons in the USSR and then Russia every 5 years. The last quantitative evaluation of hydrocarbon resources as of January the 1st of 2009 was carried out in 2009-2012 and was adopted by the Central expert committee of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use on testing materials of quantitative assessment of oil, gas and gas condensate resources in Russia (TsEKR UVS) in 2012. Ten leading industrial institutions of Russia on traditional regions of their activities took part in this work. By results of the evaluation there are 13 oil and gas provinces in Russia, 80 of oil and gas areas, 153 oil and gas regions and 1 independent oil and gas region (the Baltic one).

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