Kazakhstan. KazTransGaz to obtain a grant from the USA for development of gas deposits

KazTransGaz JSC has signed an agreement with the US agency for trade and development about provision of a grant for the preparation of a feasibility study for the development of nitrogen-helium and nitrogen-methane deposits of the Amangeldy group, the company’s press service reports.

It is noted in the press release that the grand will help KazTransGaz to determine the economic, technical and financial opportunities of the innovation project of exploration, extraction, separation and processing of helium, methane and nitrogen at the deposit of the Amangeldy group in the Zhambyl Region.

“The separation of the gas flow presupposes that the products with added value, such as fertilizers and purified helium can be produced at the indicated deposits and used separately in different high-technology branches of industry”, is said in the report.

The concentrates of nitrogen-helium-methane at Amangeldy deposits Anabay, Ayrakty and Kumyrly contain 8-81% of nitrogen and 0.165-0.694% of helium. The helium-nitrogen beds in North Ural and Usharal-Kempirtobe contain 99.2% of nitrogen and 0.6% of helium. Currently the methane beds in Amangeldy are being developed, the annual production makes up 330 million cubic metres.

The obtaining of helium on an industrial scale is an innovational project for Kazakhstan. The USA is the world leader in the production and consumption of helium. Helium is used in aerospace industry, electronics etc. The feasibility study will reveal possible use of the latest American technologies for the obtaining of helium on an industrial scale as well as optimal logistics of deliveries to the world markets”, the company noted.

The results of the research will show the reasonability of the separating project for the gases available at Amangeldy deposits as well as the efficiency of different ways of obtaining of nitrogen fertilizers.


Source: http://www.geonews.com.ua/index.cgi?a=46314

Translated by Alexandra Utyasheva

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