Nord Stream

BP has started negotiations for participation in Nord Stream construction

BP has started official negotiations with Gazprom for participation in Nord Stream's construction of a branch to Great Britain, the chief of Russian Business of BP D. Peattie. The construction of a 600-mile branch can be completed by 2016. BP can spend into a shareholding in the pipeline operator $300 million. Now Gazprom holds 51% in Nord Stream, and the rest is divided between E.ON, Wintershall, GDF Suez of France and Gasunie, and 2 branches are launched. They do not report on how BP can become co-owner of Nord Stream. Read more »

Finland doesn’t mind the construction of new branches of Nord Stream

Finland doesn’t mind the further economic integration of Russia and the EU, including by means of the construction of new branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The Prime Minister of Finland, Y. Katainen, said on the results of the meeting with D. Medvedev. Read more »

Commercial gas supply has started via the 2nd branch of Nord Stream to Germany

The commercial gas supply by the 2nd branch of the Nord Stream gas pipeline on the territory of Germany has started – the NEL pipeline, Wintershall said.

From the mid October NEL was loaded with gas and has been checked in the trial operation. Read more »

Gazprom: potential of Nord Stream to be used to its maximum

The potential of both branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, connecting Russia and Germany via the bottom of the Baltic Sea, will be used at the maximum level, as the gas pipeline will be filled, the deputy chairman of Gazprom OAO, A. Medvedev, said.

The potential of the gas pipeline will be used to its maximun and the branch will be loaded with both new and old gas, Mr. Medvedev said. He answered in the affirmative to the question if the entire gas pipeline would be filled with gas. Read more »

The capacity of Nord Stream doubles today

Today the 2nd branch of the Nord Stream pipeline will be launched, it will double the capacity of the gas pipeline – up to 55 bln cubic meters a year.

The first stage was launched on November 8th 2011. The shareholders of the Nord Stream project are Gazprom (51%), Wintershall Holding and E.ON Ruhrgas (15.5% each), GDF Suez and Gasunie (9% each). Read more »

Nord Stream resumed gas pumping after a 9-hours break

The pipeline operator Nord Stream has resumed gas pumping via the first branch of the gas pipeline after a 9-hours break, RBK reports citing German analysts in gas industry.

There was a scheduled a stop of pumping to get prepared for the launch of the second branch, whose start is planned for October 8th, 2012. Read more »

Gazprom has found a way to avoid the accusations of the European Commission

The Russian gas concern Gazprom can reform its European assets in order to fulfill the demands of the ‘third energy package’ of the EU and to avoid the accusations of the European Commission. Vedomosti writes on September 20 that Interfax reported about that a day ago referring to unidentified sources. Gazprom refused to comment about the issue. Read more »

Gazprom welds the second line of Nord Stream

The last joint of the second line of Nord Stream is welded at Portovaya Bay, the press service of Gazprom reports. The last joint connects the sea sector of the second line of the gas pipeline with the coastal sector and land infrastructure at the Russian coast in Portovaya Bay near Vyborg. The filling of the second line with technical (buffer) gas will start in several days, this is the last step before its putting into operation. Gas deliveries to Europe via the second line of Nord Stream will start in Q4, 2012. Read more »

Nord Stream looks to Finland and Estonia for pipeline branches

Nord Stream AG consortium has made the first steps towards the laying of extra gas pipeline branches from Russia to Europe. After filing a petition on investigations in the waters of Finland the company has addressed a similar application to the government of Estonia. But if Finland is loyal to the project, it will be quite difficult to get permission from Estonia. In 2007 the country refused Gazprom a similar request. But since that time Estonia has got a discount and Gazprom thinks it has a chance of a favourable decision. Read more »

Estonia might again refuse to participate in Nord Stream

Estonia, that has received another request from Nord Stream for the research work in their territorial waters, might again refuse to participate in the Nord Stream.

The advisor of Nord Stream in the Baltic countries, R. Baumanis, said that the possibility of the gas pipeline’s expansion is being considered by the request of the company’s shareholders.Currently experts work out the technical and economic assessment of the project, the final decision is planned to be made at the end of the year. Read more »

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